Saturday, August 30, 2008

Question of the Week

From Lacey in Houston, TX:
I am wondering how to look more awake and energetic, especially after a long weekend with little sleep. I don't want my boss to notice how tired I am. Any makeup tricks I can use?

It Cosmetics Tips:
Hi Lacey! No worries we have you covered. Whether you were slaving away working all weekend or dancing the night away we can make it look like you've had more that enough sleep. Here are some tips and tricks to fake that fresh faced look: First use a white or light cream-colored shimmer eye shadow and place it in the inner corners of your eyes. This gives an instant eye opening look. Try our Eyes Of Seduction Eye Pallet for All of the Shades You Need Next, use a white eye liner along the inner lower lid, right on the waterline. This will make your eyes instantly pop and look like you've gotten a full 8 hours of sleep! Try our Dual Eye Liner with both a White and Black Liner

So don't worry if you haven't slept much, we can't tell....