Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are you ready to say Bye Bye to under eye circles and discoloration for good? Check out these ladies who said ‘yes I am!’

Working hand in hand with the leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, It Cosmetics introduces Bye Bye Under Eye, a full coverage, highly pigmented anti-aging concealer utilizing truly innovative technology and ingredients – giving women the power to finally say “bye bye” to those stubborn under-eye issues!

Bye Bye Under Eye offers a waterproof, yet moisturizing formula that will stay put no matter what. The truly innovative formula contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen - clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area.

More than just full coverage for under the eyes, the formula was developed, tested and is now used to conceal facial bruising and swelling on the face and body of surgery patients in the offices of some of the leading plastic surgeons in Brazil. For these patients highly pigment coverage is important – but more than that, they desire a moisturizing formula that won’t cling to fine lines and wrinkles and also contains skin loving and healing ingredients. Out of these needs and refinements, and
after over a year of development to get it just right, Bye Bye Under Eye was born.

“This formula is so highly pigmented that just a little goes a long way. Simply use a small pea-sized amount and with your finger (or a concealer brush) gently pat under and around your eye,” says Jamie Kern, makeup expert and creator of It Cosmetics. “Using your pinky finger, pat a bit of concealer into the small indents along each upper side of the nose, between your bridge and the inner corner of your eyes. The skin in this area thins as we age and appears more blue, like a dark under eye circle. Concealing this area as well will make you appear instantly healthier and more youthful.”

Additionally, the ultra-fine and creamy formula won’t cling to fine lines and wrinkles thereby not making them more visible as some concealers do. Bye Bye Under Eye is great for all skin tones and comes in four shades; light, neutral medium, tan and deep.

To Use: Apply to bare skin, underneath foundation. Set with powder if preferred. Remove with regular soap or makeup remover.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Neutral, Not Natural!

Ever see those girls on the beach who are gorgeous, bronzed, and glowing but seem to be wearing little to no makeup? I’m sure you know and envy these “natural” beauties as much as I do. How DO they do it! Are they born with this natural beauty? Yeah right… The trick to getting this “I woke up this gorgeous” look is in the neutrals, not the natural. Here’s how you get it:
Step 1: If you’re fair skinned, use a self tanner the night before you are going for this look. I prefer Clarins Self Tanning Instant gel for the body and their Liquid Bronze Self Tanning lotion for the face.
Step 2: Use foundation only if you need it. Try something with light coverage like Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. If you’re into mineral makeup (I think it looks gorgeous, but it breaks my skin out) swirl on a light layer. Use foundation sparingly…you want your skin to shine through. If your skin is next to flawless, try just using a tinted moisturizer like Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Enhancer.
Step 3: Conceal any imperfections: blemishes, undereye circles, etc. with a cream concealer. Set your foundation and concealer with a touch of translucent loose powder, using a fluffy powder brush.
Step 3: Use a brow powder to fill any sparse spots in your brows.
Step 4: Apply a bronze or copper shimmer eye shadow all over your lid. Any of the four colors that make up the bottom right corner of the Eyes of Seduction shadow palette will make your eye color pop! Now, apply the same shade along your lower lash line.
Step 5: Finish off your eye shadow with a tiny bit of a golden shimmer shadow in the inner corner of your eye and right below your eye brow.
Step 5: Curl your lashes, then add black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
Step 6: Now, take a bronzer and sweep it in the shape of an “E” on both sides of your face: across your forehead, along your temple, under the cheekbone, and under the chin.
Step 7: Using an apricot shade of blush, pop the color directly to the apple of your cheeks.
Step 8: This step will give you the glow…Take a neutral highlighter and using a blush brush or a fan brush, sweep it over the top of your cheekbones and up around the outer corner of your eyes.
Step 8: Find a neutral pinky-beige lip color you love (make sure it’s blue based!) and cover your lips.
Step 9: Finally dab your favorite gloss in the center of your bottom lip. This will guarantee a sexy pouty lip!
Follow these steps and you’ll be an au natural beauty in no time!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


We love the little spinning bristles and deep clean feeling we get from the Sonicare toothbrush, but have the makers of the dental care phenomenon translated their revolutionary brush to a skin care must have? I hope so!! I received The Clarisonic for Christmas this year and I am so excited to be putting it to the test. The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush uses sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean your skin in 60 seconds. They claim the micro-massage action cleans more than twice as effectively as manual cleansing and that you’ll notice a reduction in the appearance of pores, improved sin tone, and fewer fine lines. All this from a skin brush? I’m a little skeptical, but the before and after pictures on the website are pretty impressive. Let us know if you’ve tried the Clarisonic and if you’ve found it worth the $200 price tag. I’ll keep you updated on my Clarisonic adventure and if the claims are true, I’ll post a picture of some newly fabulously flawless skin in the next few weeks!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hide n' Heal!

It’s the ultimate dilemma. You have a huge zit. You want to slather it in zip zapping cream and let it dry up, but you simply can’t face the world with this grotesque red bump. Yet you know your concealer will likely clog your pores and make your zit even worse. What’s a girl to do?! Grab the latest in makeup for acne prone skin. Brands like Physician’s Formula, Neutrogena, and Almay have come out with lines of skin clearing makeup. They contain salicylic acid, which works as an exfoliant, promoting the sloughing away of dead skin sells, keeping pores clear of cellular debris. Plus, most of these pimple-friendly cosmetics are oil free, perfect for oily-acne prone skin. So have your cake and eat it too…or in this case, heal your zit and still get to leave the house!