Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jamie and Josie at QVC!

Just a fun pic to share of one of the many great moments at QVC! Here’s a snapshot of Jamie getting a hug from Josie Maran after the very first IT Cosmetics show on QVC!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Cheers on choosing what many of you are calling your "miracle in a tube”! While beauty editors and pro make-up artists are raving about Bye Bye Under Eye it's real women from Argentina to South Africa, Australia to Russia telling us how amazing Bye Bye Under Eye is and how it's changed their lives that really makes us smile! We love that it is packed with Hydrolyzed Collagen to plump fine lines and wrinkles... a concealer that makes us look younger, yay! It's full antioxidants to ward off free radicals and nourish your skin plus Vitamin K to reduce discoloration over time! So now that you have the magical little black tube in your hand let's talk about how to apply it! First, start with a tiny spec (think pin head size amount) of Bye Bye Under Eye. You can warm it up between your fingers or on the back of your hand first, or simply dab it directly on your skin using a concealer or small powder brush or your finger. When it comes to application tools, it's really all about personal preference. And here's a big tip: Using a small amount of Bye Bye Under Eye is key to a flawless application because the product is very concentrated and is incredibly pigmented! Next, work the concealer into your skin adding more product if you need more coverage. And Bye Bye Under Eye is buildable, without caking so, if you are trying to cover discoloration (like sun spots or hyper-pigmentation) you may want to slowly add a few layers of the product. Next, as a finishing step, dust on a setting powder like our Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Micro-Finishing Powder. Many of you have called Bye Bye Pores your “airbrushing in a jar!” Also, many of you have asked what order you should use your foundation and concealer in. There is no right or wrong order, and it is really up to you! Bye Bye Under Eye works just as well under a foundation as it does over the top – and you can always skip the foundation all together and use Bye Bye Under Eye as your all over foundation. Now that’s a lot of love for your skin! Bye Bye Under Eye stays put all day and is waterproof yet moisturizing and is very gentle. So here's to you for choosing the best concealer in the world!