Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our AMAZING gift boxes: For Everyone On Your Holiday List!

My Youthful Smile Gift Set
Nail Love Gift Set

It's that time of year again when you have to come up with some kind, creative gifts for those around you... your kids' teachers, your nanny, dog walker or stylist. There are so many people you'd like to share a little Yuletide Cheer with and we have two fabulous ideas so you can do just that! For any feme fatales on your list... we LOVE our award winning My Youthful Smile Gift Set that comes with our signature blue gloss (that goes on clear), pretty woman (that glides on as a sheer pink) and kiss me now (that is a beautiful sheer berry gloss). The glosses are really flattering on ALL skin tones and shades have blue micro-crystals in them that actually help your smile appear brighter on one end and a wrinkle filling primer on the other end! And the best part... it's a $98 value that retails for only $39. Whew hoo! What a deal! Now if it's a little Nail Love you're after... look no further than our Nail Love Gift Box. The pens come with a soft brush that helps the jojoba and eucalyptus oil infused treatment glide onto your cuticles. And get this... the cap doubles as a tool to gently push your cuticles back! This product is loved by men and women alike! And this gift box is also an amazing value that retails for only $29. Both of these luxurious gift boxes are lined in satin and come with a beautiful, full sized ribbon and a gift tag to make all of your holiday gift-giving super easy... and makes you look like the generous, loving, compassionate person you are! And we totally understand if you want to snag both of these for your OWN stocking... your secret is safe with us!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Look Good...Feel Better! A Cause We're Proud to Support!

We love the idea of giving back at IT Cosmetics and have joined forces with the Look Good...Feel Better program that helps thousands of women a year feel their best while fighting the toughest battle of their life! Cancer has affected many of us at IT Cosmetics in many different ways and so we feel a calling to help women battling the horrific disease. Look Good...Feel Better is an amazing non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the self esteem and quality of life of women undergoing cancer treatments across the United States. The public service program teaches beauty techniques to women undergoing cancer treatments so that they can manage the appearance-related side effects of their treatment. So far, over 700,000 women have been treated to complimentary group, individual and self-help beauty sessions that create a sense of well-being and community! And thanks to YOU over 20,112 women have received one of our BROW POWER pencils because for every single one purchased one is donated to this program! We love that YOU have spoken and YOU have the power to empower women across our country! We think that hope is beautiful and are so happy to help women in the fight of their life, for their life, feel a bit more confident about their appearance. And for that we say thank you for helping us give back!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Actress Marie Avgeropoulos Gushes about IT Cosmetics!

Marie Avgeropoulos
Photo Courtesy of MA
We know many Hollywood celebs who use and love our makeup! But sometimes they are kind enough to share with us in detail just how much they adore IT Cosmetics and why they think you'll adore it, too! We recently had a chance to hear from the beautiful and talented star of Fox's Human Target, Marie Avgeropoulos, who filled us in on why she fell in love with our line after trying it for the first time while on-set in Vancouver, British Columbia!
"My makeup artist Tanya... applied my makeup using your products and all I can say is WOW! I felt so fresh and youthful and beautiful wearing IT Cosmetics. It lasted all day, my skin looked great and (my) lips felt amazing. Not sticky or gummy at all... The problem with most of the makeup that I've been used to on sets is that it doesn't last and the makeup artists end up having to gob it on layer by layer all day... I end up feeling caked on and not fresh or "glowing". It made me glow, which is great because I usually always play a young teenager even though I'm 24! I will definitely spread the word... makeup artists need to switch to IT. This secret weapon needs to be out in the open! It convinced me that there is makeup out there that meets the needs of actors. It makes me want to ditch all my department store make-up!"
We are so happy Marie had a chance to try our line and are even more thrilled she was kind enough to share her thoughts and praises with us! We can't wait to see her in action... glowing in IT Cosmetics!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Heal a Zit in a Zap!

If you've ever had a break-out the size of Mount Kilimanjaro on your face you know how tempting it can be to launch a major attack against the unwelcome intruder. But before you break out heavy machinery to start drilling into your skin take a deep breath... and follow these simple steps to clear skin.
First, resist the urge to squeeze your pimple into submission... even if you have to tie your hands behind your back! Pinching a blemish will only cause the area to swell, delay healing and could leave you with a permanent reminder of the unfortunate eruption. So hands off, girl! Second, as soon as your blemish emerges... become an ice queen! Holding an ice cube to your face will help reduce swelling in the area and will cut-down recovery time. Follow with a medicated face wash and spot treat the area with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or sulfur until the blemish heals. Finally, hide your "new addition" with a concealer like our Bye Bye Under Eye that will not make your pimple worse and will not clog your pores. You can apply it using your finger or a clean concealer brush and blend it until your pimple disappears from sight. You may want to finish by applying a powder like our Bye Bye Pores to seal your concealer in place! Now take a peek in the mirror! You're probably feeling better already. And by the end of the week your skin will be looking radiant and clear!