Friday, November 5, 2010

Heal a Zit in a Zap!

If you've ever had a break-out the size of Mount Kilimanjaro on your face you know how tempting it can be to launch a major attack against the unwelcome intruder. But before you break out heavy machinery to start drilling into your skin take a deep breath... and follow these simple steps to clear skin.
First, resist the urge to squeeze your pimple into submission... even if you have to tie your hands behind your back! Pinching a blemish will only cause the area to swell, delay healing and could leave you with a permanent reminder of the unfortunate eruption. So hands off, girl! Second, as soon as your blemish emerges... become an ice queen! Holding an ice cube to your face will help reduce swelling in the area and will cut-down recovery time. Follow with a medicated face wash and spot treat the area with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or sulfur until the blemish heals. Finally, hide your "new addition" with a concealer like our Bye Bye Under Eye that will not make your pimple worse and will not clog your pores. You can apply it using your finger or a clean concealer brush and blend it until your pimple disappears from sight. You may want to finish by applying a powder like our Bye Bye Pores to seal your concealer in place! Now take a peek in the mirror! You're probably feeling better already. And by the end of the week your skin will be looking radiant and clear!

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  1. you have to wash your face before sleeping and apply some on the areas you want to improve. And in the morning also you have to rewash your face because deep seeded oil might also be occur and be trapped in your pores.