Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Question of the Week

From Mary in San Rafael, California:

Paint-on Abs? I’ve been hearing about the concept of “paint-on abs” and I am really interested in learning how this works. Can you “paint on abs” with your Abs in a Box kit? How difficult is it to do and will anyone be able to tell?

It Cosmetics Team:Hi Mary! Our Abs In A Box kit gives you all the tools and know-how to transform the appearance of your stomach and when you follow the full color instruction manual you should find it very simple to do. Abs in a Box works on all body types and in the Library of Secrets manual, you just go to the section that best fits your body type and follow the full color chart and instructions. We have received quite a few questions regarding paint-on abs. While you aren’t exactly giving yourself paint on abs, you are using the same tricks as celebs do to give you middle a little help! The best part is that our contour and highlighting shadows are 100% waterproof and will match all skin tones. When you follow the guide, your new ab definition will be undetectable and f-AB-ulous!

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