Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day...Don't Be a Cliche!

It’s Valentine’s Day and chances you are pondering what to get your sweetie pie for the day of love. You run through the general standbys in your mind: A red velour covered box of chocolates. A teddy bear holding a heart. Or perhaps those red foil chocolate roses.
Don’t do it!!!
We know you’re more creative than Hallmark. Here are some ideas to get your romantic gift juices flowing:
1. The word love! One organization out of the UK allows you to adopt a word for one year . The highest bidder receives a personal dedication next to the word in a special edition of the Collins’ Dictionary and ‘ownership’ of the word for a year. Plus, proceeds go to a children’s charity.
2. For your hippie Valentine…forget the roses. Save the planet, give a tree! They’re bigger and they’ll last a lifetime longer than your standard pink and red flower bouquet. Sites like this one : make it easy to be green on this very red holiday.
3. Forget the boring chocolate. You’ll just feel guilty after eating it anyways. Instead, spring for a chocolate spa treatment! Perhaps a chocolate massage for two. Check it out:
4. A love story. No, not some trashy romance novel. A trashy romance novel personalized to include the names and characteristics of you and your darling!
5. There’s nothing sweeter than starting your Valentine’s Day off with breakfast in bed. But make it extra cute with a heart-shaped frying pan.
6. Finally, if you’re still not sure what you want to get your love dove, but you know it needs to be original, check out, a website that sells handmade gifts by independent designers.
Single? Don’t forget to get yourself a special valentine!! You’re worth it. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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