Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hello Canada! This month It Cosmetics officially launched in Canada and we are so excited to call The Shopping Channel our Canadian home!

And ‘home’ it sure feels like already. The TSC team is fantastic. They are so passionate about bringing quality products to everyone and committed to their customers. We truly are honored to be a part of the TSC family!

We were introduced to the fantastic coffee from Tim Hortons (We had the coffee every morning and then the Iced Cappuccino Supreme every evening…yum!!!).

And to our surprise and delight, we were welcomed into Canada with open arms on the Steven and Chris Show!!! Their Beauty Expert Sandy Gold chose our Get Wet bronzer and her summer favorite! Thank you so much for such a kind honor!

Be sure to check out our It page on The Shopping Channel’s website and thanks so much again for such a warm welcome! It Loves Canada!!!

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