Monday, August 10, 2009

Get cheeky, darling!

Ever see those supermodels with insanely high cheekbones and assume you would have to be scary waif skinny to get them? Think again! You can be a healthy, beautiful girl AND have supermodel cheekbones. All it takes is a little sculpting. Here’s how.
1.Take a contouring shade (like those found in My Sculpted Face), one to two shades darker than your skin tone, blend it along the line underneath your cheekbone. Not sure where that is? Make a “fish face” and fill the indented line in with your contouring powder.
2.Take your favorite blush and a blush brush. Dip the brush into your blush, then lightly touch it to the top of your hand to get off the excess. Pop the brush right on the apple of each cheek then blend. Blush belongs on the apple…nowhere else!
3.Using a fan brush, sweep highlighter along the top of your cheekbone and up around the outside corner of your eyes.
4.Work it. That’s right. You’ve got supermodel cheekbones so strut your stuff, girl!

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