Friday, August 27, 2010

Adios Lid Lines!

If you're anything like us you get a little grumpy when you spend time picking out an eye shadow shade from any one of the many great brands on the market, applying it and then like clock work your make-up begins to disappear. It can be so frustrating! Plus those pesky lid lines that develop can take a polished, made-up look and well... leave you looking less than polished. Plus everytime you blink, those lid lines make us look unkept, greasy and like we have extra lid wrinkles! Now - a TRUE cure your shadow blues. Drum roll please... welcome Bye Bye Lid Lines to the rescue! It is brand spanking new and we are SO excited for its debut! Bye Bye Lid Lines is an age reverse crease-proof shadow primer that works on all skin shades, glides on and disappears. The product is heaven send and like its cousins Bye Bye Under Eye and Bye Bye Pores the product does its job and then some! The shadow primer is loaded with Hydrolyzed Collagen that helps smooth out any lines and Vitamin K that actually helps reduce discoloration on your lid. The primer will keep your shadow in place while brining out its maximum vibrancy and pigmentation. Plus you get younger looking lids at the same time! Now that's something we can say hello to!

1 comment:

  1. it would be annoying and frustrating when your time is killed with just one eye. And the next thing you know you spent like an hour already.