Thursday, September 16, 2010

Collagen: Slather it On or Gulp it Down?

American women (like you and me) have some beauty rituals we swear by like applying self tanner or bronzer for that faux glow, putting cool cucumbers on our eyes to reduce puffiness or applying the latest cream that promises to make us look ten years younger, right? Well one beauty ritual in the far east includes sticking a straw in your beauty product... and drinking it in!
Asian women have long been known to have beautiful skin that never seems to grow old and wrinkled with age. But could their beauty secret be held in a bottle? It's still up for debate (by scientists and doctors alike) but collagen drinks are all the rage in Asia... and they make some pretty alluring claims. They promise to up the collagen levels in your blood to help rebuild the elastic-like proteins that keep your skin looking youthful. Sound too good to be true? Many western doctors dispel those claims and site many Asian women's rituals like avoiding the sun (one of the biggest factors of collagen break-down) as the reason their skin looks to youthful. While more credible studies need to be performed to decide what the real benefits are, dermatologists recommend applying hydrolyzed collagen instead in the form of creams and cosmetics to your skin. And it's your lucky day... our Bye Bye Under Eye concealer along with several of our products are packed full of the beauty protein. So while scientists are still debating the "gulping down" part, how about you slather it on instead... that sounds like a beautiful idea!

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