Monday, June 29, 2009

Lovely Lashes

The one staple of your beauty routine. The thing that wakes you up, makes you look most feminine, and tops off a perfect look. Mascara. Many of us won’t even leave the house without its eyelash extending powers. But why stop with mascara! In today’s beauty world there are several ways to take lashes from sparse to spectacular. Check out your options and bat those beautiful lashes!

False Eyelashes
Mascara can work wonders but if you want really dramatic lashes…fake it! Want a natural look? Get individual lashes which are easy to apply (just use tweezers, dot glue on the tips and set them in your lash line) or consider a half strip of lashes. If you’re going out or going to have your picture taken, go all out! Full lashes can be tricky if you’re a newbie, so be sure to practice once before your big day.

Lash Primer
You condition your hair everyday (or at least several times a week I hope!) but what about your lashes? We cover them in black sludge (a.k.a. mascara) everyday and wonder why they are sparse and less than fabulous. Treat your lashes to some deep conditioning and protection by sweeping on a nourishing lash primer before you apply your mascara. Really want to nourish them? Follow up your eye cream with lash primer before you go to sleep. Be sure your primer is chock full of amino acids and vitamins to stimulate lash growth.

The FDA approved Latisse, an eyelash-thickening agent which was created for people with hypotrichosis (too few lashes) and contains bimatroprost, which is used in glaucoma treatments. Studies have shown it does significantly increase lash growth. The potential side effects include itchy eyes, eye redness, changes in skin color, and even a permanent darkening of the iris. Hmmmmm, longer lashes are tempting, but these possible side effects sound a little extreme!

Amped Up Mascara
Why just let your mascara darken your lashes when it could be growing and nourishing them too? Make sure your mascara is full of collagen, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. Healthy lashes are beautiful lashes.