Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Your Best Legs Ever

It’s summer and that means one thing: legs. Everywhere. In everything. Whether it’s your swimsuit, sundress, or running shorts, your legs must stop hibernating in your jeans and sweats and face the world. Sound a little scary? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back…or should we say we’ve got your thighs? Either way, follow these five steps and in no time, people will be asking if you’re the girl from the Nair commercial.

1. Scrub and Shave
Chances are you’ve let the skin on your legs go. After all no one (except an adoring boyfriend perhaps) has seen them all winter. Slough away dry skin and flakes to reveal the smooth, less-scaly skin underneath. I prefer Neutrogena’s Energizing Sugar Scrub. Simply rub the scrub in circular motions, from your thighs to your feet, during a warm shower. For extra exfoliation, apply using a loofah. Exfoliating before shaving makes for a smoother shave, as it gets rid of all the dead skin cells that clog up your razor. Once you’ve exfoliated, lather up your legs with a thick shaving cream and shave using a brand new razor.
2. Caffeinate
Whether you’ve got cellulite or just want to tighten up your tush and legs, it all comes down to caffeine. Caffeine tightens skin for the appearance of firmer, smoother legs instantly. Rub your legs with a tightening cream like My Firm Legs primer, that contains caffeine, collagen, and antioxidants once a day after your shower or bath.
3. Get em’ glowing
A little color on your legs can cover a multitude of flaws. But don’t you dare hit the beach without SPF or run to the tanning salon. For subtle, natural looking color, I love Nivea’s Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs Gradual Tan Moisturizer. It smells nice, goes on evenly, and BONUS includes ingredients which allow you to shave less often. For more dramatic color you can’t go wrong with St. Tropez’s line of sunless tanners or Clarins Self-Tanning Gel. Just remember to put lotion on your knees and around your ankles before and after applying the tanner.
4. Contour
Now that your legs are smooth, hair free, and have a subtle glow, it’s time to shape them to perfection. Hit the gym for 8 million lunges? Yeah right. The simplest way to make your legs look longer and leaner is to take a waterproof highlighter powder and run a straight line right up the center of your leg, from the ankle, up the shin, and all the way up your thigh. This will draw the eye to the long, center line creating that legs for days illusion. Really want to sculpt your legs? With body makeup the possibilities are endless: shape calves, slim thighs, or lift your booty in minutes.
5. Finishing Touches
Now that your limbs are lovely, make sure your shoe wardrobe only maximizes their smokin’ hot appearance. Consider investing in a pair of heels that match your skin tone. Nude heels blend with your legs to give the appearance that they are several inches longer. If you have short legs, avoid wearing shoes with ankle straps as they will cut your legs off making them look shorter.

Who where’s short shorts? Now you can. Get out there girl and show em’ some leg!

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