Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perfect Brush, Flawless Face

An artist can have the finest paints in the world… but without the proper brushes, her planned masterpiece will be more of a kindergartener’s finger painting than a Monet landscape. The same goes for your most precious canvas: your face. Experts agree that the proper tools are just as important as quality makeup when it comes to achieving your most beautiful face. That’s why It Cosmetics is introducing to you the Dual Concealer & Micro Concealer Brush. A tool that allows you to apply your concealer with precision and control….creating the most flawless portrait of you!

Here’s how:

1. Using your finger or a regular sized concealer brush to cover a zit will make it look cakey and may actually bring more attention to your blemish. Use the Micro-Concealer end to cover up a pimple. The precise coverage will hide your zit completely, but naturally.

2. Banish under eye circles by combining the forces of your concealer brush and your Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. The full concealer brush allows you to sweep on your concealer to fully cover your circles, while blending it so you appear natural and flawless.

3. Love using My Sculpted Face to contour? Make your contouring even more dramatic by using a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone along with the full concealer brush end. Sweep the light concealer along any area where you typically place highlighter. Cover with your foundation, finishing powder, and normal contouring. This will double the impact of your contouring!

4. Multi-task. The precision coverage that is possible with the Dual Concealer Brush allows you to forgo the concealer in a pinch and use your foundation as both an all over cover and a micro concealer. After applying foundation to your face, use your brush to layer foundation on over blemishes, age spots, and dark circles until you’ve achieved your desired coverage.

5. Age spots are no match for the Dual Concealer Brush. Based on the size of your age spot, you may want to use the micro or the regular end. After your foundation, use the brush to blend a tiny amount of concealer over your spot. You’ll look positively ageless, darling!

6. If you’re an on –the-go gal, rest assured that your dual-ended brush is your faithful companion. Thanks to one fully retractable end and a cap on the other end, you can take your brush around the globe…mess free!

7. Looking for a natural look? Forgo foundation altogether and use your brush to cover flaws with your favorite concealer. The brush allows for the ultimate in blending, making the most natural, flawless look possible.

8. Sick of your spider legs? The micro-concealer end of the brush is your best defense. Dip the tiny tip of the brush into your concealer and run it over your spider vein, blending as you go.

9. Think concealer brushes are just for concealer? Think again! Maximize your eye cream by applying it with the full end of the concealer brush. The brush will ensure maximum coverage and the gentle blending action will allow your cream to penetrate deep, stimulating your cells healing and regenerating processes.

10. Open up your eyes by using the micro-concealer end to dab your concealer in the inner corner of your eye. This area between your nose and inner eye tends to be dark. By covering it your eyes will look more awake and well-rested.

You’ve already got the perfect canvas, now grab your fabulous brush and your It Cosmetics makeup, and create your own masterpiece!


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