Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Steps to a Pretty Winter

Winter--the season of flaky skin, chapped lips, pasty complexions…you get the picture. And it’s not a very pretty picture! But just because everyone else looks, well, a little dull, doesn’t mean you have to. Be the belle of the ball at your holiday parties and the prettiest little snow bunny on the slopes. Just follow these 10 steps…
10 Steps to a Pretty Winter
1. Drink Water
Battle parched, flaky skin from within! Hydrate your complexion by drinking lots of water and if your stuck in the snow, warm up with some hydrating herbal tea.
2. Exfoliate
With the heaters running full blast, moisture is sucked out of our skin, causing a major build up of dead skin cells. Buff it off to reveal the soft, pretty glow underneath! Try out the award-winning Clarisonic Skin Brush ($195). Looking for something a little less painful on the pocketbook? Try St. Ives Apricot Scrub ($4.29) from your local drugstore.
3. Humidifier
If you’re really fighting dry skin, you might want to consider bringing in the big guns…a.k.a. a humidifier. This will help to counteract the moisture sucking heater in your house by restoring moisture to the air.
4. Oil based moisturizer
If you have mature skin or aren’t too acne prone, I recommend trying an oil-based moisturizer for dry skin. If you’re super oily like me, just layer on your oil-free moisturizer.
5. Sunscreen
This is often the first step to disappear when the snowflakes start to fall. Big mistake! Just because it’s 15 degrees outside doesn’t mean those vicious wrinkle-causing rays are hibernating. It’s crucial you protect your skin with at least an SPF of 15 or more.
6. Gloves
Protect those pretty little hands! Get a cute pair of warm gloves or mittens to protect your hands from the elements. Also, get a pair of cotton gloves for at home…slather on a thick hand cream, and then put your cotton gloves on. This will allow the cream to really sink into your skin so they’re supple and soft.
7. Blushing Beauty
Embrace the paste! If going to the Bahamas isn’t in the plan for you this winter, play up the beauty of a fair complexion with a little pop of blush. I love layering on creamy blushes in soft berry hues, right on the apple of the cheek. They give both color and moisture to really make you glow! Try Revlon’s Cream Blush.
8. Brush Your Lips
Flaky lips? So not good under the mistletoe. For a super smooth pout, take toothbrush and gently buff your lips. This will remove any little flakes creating a perfect palette for your lip balm, lipstick, or gloss.
9. Whiten Your Smile
The downside to not having a summer tan is that the paler your skin, the more yellow your teeth look. Think of how an off-white wall looks white, until you put a piece of stark white paper next to it. It’s the same with the contrast between your skin and teeth. Counteract the yellow with some It Signature Smile Brightening Blue Lip Gloss! Also, be sure to only select blue based lipsticks. Anything other than blue based shades is going to make your teeth appear more yellow!
10. Get Your Snow Glow On!
Nothing is prettier in the dead of winter than a radiant, glowing you! Finish off your pretty winter look with highlighter (be sure to use waterproof highlighter like that found in Get Wet Waterproof Highlighter and Bronzer, if you’re going out in the snow or rain) in all the right places. Sweep some over your cheekbones and right in the corner of your eyes and under the brow bone for a fresh, dewy look!

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