Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does Beauty Equal Pain?

How far would you go to put your “best face forward?” For some, the quest for beauty involves pain. Lots of pain. A nose job, face lift, a little botox here and there, what about a chin implant or cheek augmentation? Countless celebrities are suspected of having gone under the knife (Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid, Ashley Tisdale, really the list goes on and on and on).
The obsession with the perfect face is universal. Check out this uncomfortable-looking little torture chamber from Japan called a “face belt.”
You fit the donut around your head, pump in air, and squeeze your double chin and droopy cheeks inward and upward. Fun. Not.
We at It Cosmetics confess we have our own face insecurities…whether it’s wanting to disguise a double chin or contour our cheekbones. We are so excited that we have found a cheaper, less-painful alternative to the madness of plastic surgery (and face belts!). Meet your new best friend, “My Sculpted Face.” It’s complete with 6 contouring and highlighting shades and a face chart that shows you exactly where to apply each shade to sculpt your face to achieve a slimmer face, straighter nose, or whatever it is you want. So before accepting that silly and old-fashioned “beauty is pain” saying, consider the pain-free power of contouring and save your surgery money for something that involves more fun, and less bruising.

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