Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss America Swimsuit Secrets Revealed on Rachel Ray

There she is…..Miss America!!!!!! And what’s that she’s holding? An Abs in a Box kit! It Cosmetics was featured on the Rachel Ray Show this week where Miss America 1993 Leanza Cornett put our Abs in a Box kit to the test in the show’s human lab. The verdict? The beauty queen and the audience gave it two thumbs up! Body makeup secrets may not have been around (or maybe they were just a little more hush hush?) 16 years ago when the lovely Leanza competed, but now, from regular gals, to mom’s like Leanza, to celebrities and of course almost every pageant girl we’ve talked to uses it to get a leg up (a smokin’ hot leg of course) on the competition or just look a little better WITHOUT going under the knife. We can’t help but wonder if the newly crowned Miss America, Katie Stams, used body makeup contouring to help her achieve that picture perfect swimsuit body. Don’t worry, Katie, if you did, your secret is safe with us!!

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