Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best Chest 2008

Life is full of tough decisions: What should I name my firstborn child? Which college should I go to? Which stocks should I invest in? Well here’s a decision that was REALLY FUN to agonize over…and you basically couldn’t go wrong. The big question…which male celeb has the “best chest?” 8 hotties were in the running, all super gorgeous stars like David Beckham. It was just announced that Mario Lopez took the cake for People Magazine’s “best chest of 2008” award.
Who did YOU vote for?

Maybe your man isn’t quite as perfectly sculpted as Beckham and Lopez (your secret is safe with me!) but what he should know is that even these chiseled dudes get help from sculpting body makeup, though I doubt they’d ever admit to it! To get a hot guy chest for a fun day at the beach, select a waterproof matte bronzer and highlighter. Using a brush and your bronzer, contour anywhere you want the appearance of definition (think bronzer goes where you want muscle to go “in” like in between and underneath the pectoral muscles). Then sweep the highlighter over the actual chest muscle where you want to create the appearance of volume (highlighter goes on areas you want to draw “out”). It takes about one minute, and wa la! Your guy looks like he’s been hitting the gym with his buddy Mario.

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