Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Gives Back!

Here at It Cosmetics we love nothing more than helping our clients feel good about the beautiful women (and men!) that they are. We get to do this on a daily basis. Whether it’s teaching a teenager how to apply makeup for the first time. Or showing a breast cancer patient how to balance out her cleavage after a mastectomy. In addition to helping these brave, breast cancer conquering women look their best, we also donate 10% of proceeds from our “My Beautiful Breasts” kit to a wonderful group…the Making Memories Foundation. Making Memories is like a Make-a-Wish Foundation for grown ups. It grants wishes to women facing late stage breast cancer. The organization gives each woman her heart’s desire, whether it’s a trip to Hawaii, the means to publish her own book, or just some extra money to cover medical bills. These lasting memories are cherished by each woman’s family, long after she is gone. Tis’ the season of giving, and here at It Cosmetics, we are thrilled to be giving to such a deserving cause. Check out these pictures of two Making Memories wish recipients as they live out their special memories: Karen, seen swimming with the dolphins with her family, and Adrianne, who chose a family vacation to Disneyland for her special memory. These valiant women remind us to cherish every special moment we are given!

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