Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Nitty Gritty of Food!

Food. It’s the holidays and it’s everywhere. But do you ever stop to consider whether the foods you’re eating are actually clean? I’ll confess, I used to think very little about my food before I ate it. Until a few weeks ago when I got disgustingly ill with food poisoning from a grilled chicken salad. I’ll spare you the details, but now, I try to at least think twice before chowing down. I found this eye-opening blog on AOL health which lists the 10 DIRTIEST foods.

The culprits? Many of them staples that we eat every single day: eggs are number one on the dirty list, followed by peaches, packaged salad mix, cantaloupe, scallions, and chicken. Maybe something that makes us think twice about what we’re putting in our mouths isn’t all that bad. After all, tis’ the season for an average of 5-10 pounds of holiday weight gain! To ward off the germs, make sure your box of eggs is crack and break free, wash all your fruits and veggies—even those that say they are pre-washed like salad mix in bags, buy free-range chicken and USDA Organic produce, and when cooking chicken take it directly from the bag to the pan to avoid contaminating your sink or countertop. All this germ talk got me thinking, what are the dirtiest makeup practices? Hmmmmm…..don’t worry, I’m on it! Check back tomorrow to find out the do’s and don’ts of makeup hygiene.

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