Thursday, December 18, 2008

Squeaky Clean

As much time and effort as we ladies pour into our daily skin care line up (you know the drill: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, eye cream, etc.) there’s one thing which even many of my makeup obsessed friends often forget…makeup hygiene. Hygiene, the word brings up memories of 7th grade health class, but it really is important to keeping you healthy, your beauty product arsenal clean, and your skin nice and clear!
Follow these clean commandments to keep your makeup case a happy place!
*Thou shall honor the shelf life of all beauty products.
-As a general rule, if it’s a cream (concealer, cream foundations, cream cleansers, etc.) ditch it after one year.
-Mascara, get rid of it after 4 months.
-Click here for a complete list of when to trash each of your get pretty products.
*Thou shall wash makeup brushes regularly.
-Regularly= brushes used to apply concealers, foundation, and creamy lip and eye products, should get a bath every day. Other brushes should be washed at least every two weeks.
-Get a professional brush cleanser from most any cosmetics or beauty supply store (I prefer a spray like Clinique’s makeup brush cleaner) or just use your facial cleanser.
*Thou shall promise to never share mascara. Ever. Even with your BFF.
-Eye infections are passed incredibly easily with eye makeup.
*Thou shall make sure your makeup artist is honoring your hygiene too.
-Artists should never blow on brushes (they might as well spit on them if they do this) or double-dip brushes into products, and they should always be using freshly cleaned brushes. Also, make sure they wipe off the top layer of any pressed powder with a tissue before brushing it onto your face.

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