Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News Anchors...Makeup Tricks of the Trade

Imagine waking up at 2:30 in the morning and going to work. Sound awful? Maybe some of you do it already. Now, imagine waking up at 2:30 in the morning, going to work, and having to look absolutely flawless. And we mean camera ready flawless: the whole deal... hair, makeup, jewelry, nails done, suit on. Welcome to the life of TV news anchors! Fortunately these morning news personalities have an arsenal of makeup tricks up their suit sleeves, and since the Creator and CEO of It Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima, is a former morning anchor herself, we’ve got a few for you right here:

Good morning bright eyes!
Whose eyes really look awake (wait whose eyes even looks alive) at 2:30 am? Not many. But if you place a gold or pearl colored shimmer eye shadow in the corner of your eyes and below the eye brow (#1 and #2 in diagram), your eyes will instantly look like you’ve had a full night of sleep!

Wide awake!
Another great way to open up your sleepy eyes is to line the inner rim of your bottom lid (#5 in diagram) with white liner. The light reflects off the white line, making you look like you’ve slept like a baby for a full 8 hours! To finish off your fabulous eyes in a snap, use a neautral color all over the lid. Then, use a darker contour shade with lots of gold or copper flecks (#3), across the entire crease. Use the same color to line underneath your lower lash line (#4). A rich coppery or golden shade will bring out the flecks in your eyes, and are universally flattering on any eye color.

Bye bye double chin.
Now here’s an issue that no amount of beauty sleep is going to change…a double chin. Fortunately, news anchors know that the face shape they were born with isn’t the face shape they need to show the world. By placing contouring powders, one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone, underneath your chin (right over the “double” your trying to hide), you can turn your two chins into just one.

Coffee-Stain Busters!
Newsrooms are notorious for the insane amounts of coffee they go through. Since newsies work around the clock, coffee is a must. And, coffee stains are quick to follow. Try Go Smile’s Touch Up Mini On-The-Go Smile Refreshers. And follow the cardinal rule of smile conscious news anchors…ONLY wear blue based lip shades. Orange based shades make teeth appear even more yellow.

Whether you're a news anchor, a party gal, a career woman, or a busy mom, put these trips to use next time you need to fake your beauty sleep!


  1. These tips are pretty common sense. Makeup has to be a little brighter and deeper for tv.

  2. This was a great post!

    I really enjoyed your diagram- what specific products would you suggest for your eyeshadow? And what brands work best?

    I think its also important to mention that you should apply primer to your eye lids to ensure that your makeup remains there over the course of the (long) day!

    I also enjoyed the part about contouring your chin! It would be great to possibly have a post just on contouring!

    Thanks for writing!