Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty Girlhood Hair Grows Up

I say French braid. You think…third grade? Me too. Although I haven’t rocked the French braid since elementary school, Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar look made me want to bring it back to life. Follow these steps to get your own braided headband. Great for a glam night out or a keep the hair outta your face style for a busy day.

Step One
Tilt your head to one side, and brush all the hair back away from the ear you will be starting on. The ear you are starting on should be facing the ceiling, all the rest of the hair aiming down.
Step Two
Looking in the mirror and using a comb, draw a line from the top of starting ear, up across and over to the top of the finishing ear, combing all the hair forward from the line into your face. Brush the remaining hair in back of the line into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
Step Three
Face your starting ear toward the ceiling again and comb the free hair from in front of the line across your scalp, making a smooth hair path where the headband is going to go.
Step Four
Use your fingers to section of the first strands right at the base of the front of your ear and braid tightly.
Step Five
Continue to add hair from the line and the forehead side of your head as you begin your French braid down across the headband section of your head. The hardest part will be keeping the braid flat and tight without getting a crick in your neck. It's sometimes best to not look in the mirror, but do it by feel.
Step Six
When you reach your other ear, finish the braid off with a regular braid, using a rubber band at the end. This will be a long extra piece of braid if you have long hair.
Step Seven
Let your ponytail loose from the back, and fluff your hair to its regular style. You will need a bobby pin to tuck the long piece of braid behind your ear and keep it hidden. You may also want to bobby pin any puffy pieces of your braid headband. Also, if you have bangs, use your comb to pull tiny bits of bang pieces out of your headband braid to give you some forehead coverage.

Ta da! It may take some practice, but now you’ve got an all-grown-up version of your favorite girlish’ look!

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