Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bachelor Blues

Jason. You can say that name out loud nearly anywhere in the nation and you’ll most likely hear at least twelve women (and maybe a few unashamed men) go off on that “Bachelor jerk.” Why? Well for those of you who haven’t been following (and I commend you for doing something more productive with your life than watching very unrealistic reality TV) Jason the most recent Bachelor proposed to Melissa and then on live TV, broke off his engagement with Melissa and told Molly she was the one. Really, Jason? I understand (sort of) him changing his mind about who he wants to spend his life with, but going on national television with your fiancé and dumping her? I don’t know. Maybe a little heads up, “Hey honey, I’m about to betray you live on TV.” Not to be a completely jaded Bachelor fan, but I’m not all that surprised it didn’t work out between Jason and Melissa. And who is going to be completely shocked if it doesn’t work out with Jason and Molly? Not me. Let’s review the Bachelor/Bachelorette history books:

Season 1: Alex and Amanda-Not together
Season 2: Aaron and Helene-Split
Season 3: Andrew and Jenn—He’s married. But not to Jenn.
Season 4: Bob and Estella—He’s married too! But not to Estella.
Season 5: Jesse and Jessica-Not so much.
Season 6: Byron and Mary—Together!
Season 7: Charlie and Sarah—Split up, but they’re dating again.
Season 8: Travis and Sarah—He dumped her.
Season 9:Prince Lorenzo and Jennifer—Their love ended.
Season 10: Andy and Tessa—Didn’t last.
Season 11: Brad and ???—Oh that’s right. Brad reject BOTH women at the finale.
Season 12: Matt and Shayne—Split.
Season 1: Trista and Ryan-Married with baby! (picture on left)
Season 2: Meredith and Ian: Nope.
Season 3: Jen and Joe: Over.
So based on past Bachelor experience…Jason and Molly have about a 7% chance of getting married. Good luck! The Bahcelor…Is it a cheesy, overly romanticized show on which almost none of the relationships last past the “finals rose?” Maybe. Will I watch next season when Jillian Harris becomes the Bachelorette? You betcha!

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  1. congrats to Jillian on being selected the next Bachelorette; she's a good fit in more ways than one